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A taste of Italy in North Beach—America's favorite neighborhood
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Membership Requirements / Forms

The San Francisco Italian Athletic Club offers a variety of membership options. If you qualify under any of the six categories, below, please click HERE to complete an application. Completed applications may be mailed to the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club, P.O Box  3 3 0 1 5 4 San Francisco, CA 9 4 1 3 3, faxed to 415 781 0167 or scanned to

ARTICLE III        Membership

Section 1.    Membership Is Divided Into Six Categories:
Category     (A) Regular
(B) Athletic
(C) Life
(D) Honorary – “A”  
(E) Honorary – “B”
(F) Associate 

A.  A member of category (A) must be a male of good character who has reached the age of majority (18 years) and must be Italian born or of Italian descent. If the Italian relation is the mother, her heritage can be established by any legal document that indicates she had an Italian maiden name, or by the sworn statement of the sponsoring member of having first hand knowledge of the applicant’s Italian ancestry.  He shall have the right to vote in any membership meeting and election.  He can run for any office if eligible as hereafter determined. He shall have access to all of the Club facilities and social functions.

B.  Members of category (B) must be male members of at least one Club sponsored athletic team that is entered in an outside sanctioned competition. They cannot attend meetings, vote or run for office. They are not required to pay an initiation fee or to pay dues, but they may participate in the social affairs of the Club.

C.  To become a category (C) member, one must have reached the age of sixty-five (65) years and must have been a category (A) member in good standing for twenty-five (25) continuous years. The only difference will be that category (C) members will no longer be required to pay the annual fees. However, category (C) members will be required to pay an annual membership fee as set forth by the Board of Directors. The year a member becomes eligible for category (C) membership, his dues will be prorated as per the month he joined the Club or the month he reaches his sixty-fifth (65th) year of age.

D.  Category (D) membership pertains to Honorary (A) members. The Club can confer this title upon those men who are not members of the Club but who by their contributions to the prestige and social well being of the Italian Community, have rendered themselves worthy of this honor. Honorary members may make use of the Club premises but do not have the right to vote or run for office. 

E.  Category (E) membership pertains to past members in good standing who can no longer participate in Club events or visit the Club due to convalescence.  Category (E) members (Honorary [B]) will receive a Club newsletter but will not be able to vote, attend meetings or run for office. Before a member can become a category (E) member the Membership Chairman shall use his discretion to verify the health situation of the member in question. In the event the member’s health improves and becomes able to participate in Club events the Membership chairman may, at his discretion, require the Category (E) member return to his past classification. All category (E) members will be listed on the membership board under ‘Honorary Members.’