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Italian Classes


  • Now until May 22, 2017
    • Non-members $225, SFIAC Members $125
  • Afer May 22, 2017
    • Non-members $250, SFIAC Members $150
  • All returning students receive a $25 discount

All students must be at least 21 years of age

Note that our classes never sell out

Monday Evenings, 7-9pm (6/5/17 - 8/7/17)
Instructor - Lisa Engelken
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Students with a working knowledge of present-tense verbs (-ARE, -ERE, -IRE) are welcome! This course includes the review and study of verbs in the present tense (including modal, irregular and reflexive verbs) and the introduction of the simple past tense (the Passato Prossimo). The student will be introduced to more advanced concepts of speech such as the articulation of prepositions. Guided conversation will provide the student with opportunities to exercise concepts and content presented. Readings and cultural studies will complement verb study and facilitate development of new vocabulary.

Please contact info@lisaengelken.com with questions.

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Tuesday Evenings 7–9pm  (6/6/17 - 8/8/17)
Instructor - Lisa Engelken

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This course is designed for students with little-to-no working knowledge of Italian, and for the student who wishes to brush up on the basics. Basic elements and concepts of Italian as well as verbs in present tense will be introduced. Mini-dialogues, grammar and cultural lessons are designed to help the student understand "how Italian works,” to increase vocabulary, and to provide a solid foundation for further language learning.

Please contact info@lisaengelken.com with questions.

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Wednesdays 7-9pm (6/7/17 - 8/9/17)
Instructor - Kelly Britt
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In this course students with a good foundation in Italian who have studied the basic grammar and vocabulary points covered in Italian 1A, 1B and 1C will develop conversation skills through group discussion, role- playing, oral presentations, vocabulary-building, and other related activities, with an emphasis on speaking and listening skills. Students will learn:

  • A solid foundation in traditional and colloquial Italian structures
  • The ability to communicate effectively in Italian on various topics
  • How to understand and express themselves in Italian at the conversational level
  • Read and comprehend Italian written material for class discussion

Please contact instructor Kelly Britt at kellybritt415@gmail.com with questions.

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ITALIAN 1C – Advanced Beginners Grammar/Conversation
Thursday Evenings, 7-9pm (6/8/17 - 8/10/17)
Instructor - Lisa Engelken
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Impariamo leggendo! This special summer course combines the reading of a giallo (murder mystery) with Italian grammar, conversation, cultural and historical facts. The reading circle will further develop conversational skills, reading comprehension, while increasing vocabulary through grammar exercises pertinent to the story narrative.

This course is for students with a strong knowledge of the basic Italian verb tenses presente and passato prossimo (-ATO, -UTO, -ITO). Students should also have a working knowledge of the imperfetto (-VO, VI, VA, ecc.).
NOTE:  Please attend the first class June 8th, even if you do not yet have your book!
Please contact info@lisaengelken.com with questions regarding book title and ordering information.

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Saturdays 11am – 1pm
Instructor – Lisa Engelken (3/25/17 – 5/27/17)

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Buon viaggio!  This course welcomes both beginners with little or no prior knowledge of Italian and students who wish to brush up on the Italian before a trip to the Bel Paese.  Students will learn phrases and language used in connection food, culture and travel in Italy. They will become familiar with vocabulary used when shopping, dining and traveling. Scenarios will include making introductions, asking directions, booking reservations, buying tickets, using public transportation, shopping for clothing and/or food items, and ordering food & drinks in various settings.

Please contact info@lisaengelken.com with questions.

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